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The best Karaoke bar in Albufeira for free karaoke and live music

Welcome to Diamonds karaoke bar Albufeira , Portugal. We are the no. 1 sports and karaoke bar on the Algarve. We're conveniently located at the Praia da Oura end of "the stip" in Albufeira Portugal.

The Beatles, Elvis, Cliff Richards, Michael Learns to
Rock, Oasis...sing out loud...all your favourite tunes at
our spacious authentic Karaoke music bar.

In the Algarve come enjoy and relax with great drinks, great food, and a fun atmosphere. With a complete bar, a professional quality karaoke music system available, you can relax and thoroughly enjoy our Karaoke mp3 songs and music.

Diamonds Karaoke bar Albufeira includes seating at the bar, or tables for parties of any size. We have thousands of Karaoke songs in our cdg collection, from oldies to the latest modern rock and pop favorites

Karaoke starts at 9:30 pm each night ! over 10,000 Karaoke tracks available on our state of the art Karaoke server. Join our Karaoke competitions to win fantastic prizes each night.

Please take a moment to browse through our site to learn more about Diamonds Karaoke bar and what we have to offer you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Diamonds Karaoke bar Albufeira


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