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Largo do Praia, Praia do Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal

The picture is updated every minute, the weather report is updated every 10 minutes, time is local time. Please use the refresh icon your browser to view the latest picture. NEW! Visit the new webcam page at www.cam1.carvoeiro.com/ You can now make a search and rate pictures!

Temperature:  +35.1 ?C
Dew Point:  +12.7 ?C
Chill Factor:  +35 ?C
Humidity:  26 %
Wind dir:  128? (SE)
Wind speed:  2.5 km/h
Barometer:   1016 mB

Temp HIGH last 24 h:  +40.7 ?C at 13:53 Temp LOW last 24 h:  +17 ?C at 03:55
Barometer trend:  Steady Current Rainfall Rate:  0 mm/hour


Heat Index:  +34.5 ?C

Conditions inside Palacio do C?ne Ice-cream shop:

Temperature: +27.2 ?C

Humidity: 32 %


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